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Great desk

I LOVE this desk. It’s perfect for my needs. The details are well thought out. There’s s slope on the front desk edge for wrist comfort, and a cutout in the back for cable drop. There’s a cable box underneath with enough room to thread your own power cables for a nice, clean look. The surface is both elegant and durable. It’s very sturdy. The assembly was just as simple as I'd hoped. I was worried it may have been too heavy for me to set upright, but I unpacked the box, locked the legs, and flipped the desk upright by myself without issue.

Pillar Desk
Michael Smith
20 second setup + great support

The website says 2 minute setup and that is an exaggeration. It took me longer to get the box open than to set the desk up. Literally flip out the legs and lock them in place and that's it. What a delight to setup. Also I like that it is easy to reassemble and disassemble. I'm moving in a few months so I'm glad it won't take a ton of effort to move. This is great for a young professional audience who tends to move a lot. Also got A+ support from the Happen team with my setup. They walked me through everything I needed to know to be set up successfully. Think they responded to my email in just a few minutes.

Pillar Desk
Augustin Ruta
Easy to assemble and great product

This desk is as easy to assemble as the website says. It looks great and is exactly what I needed in a standing desk -- I definitely recommend it to anyone interested in buying a standing desk.

Limited Edition Pillar Desk
Ronald Hill

The desk weighed much more than anticipated, so it took 2 people to move. The desk was very easy to assemble and was set up and functioning in 5 minutes.

Pillar Desk
Easy to Assemble, Looks Stylish, Great Customer Service

I love my standing desk and assembly was just as described --quick and easy. It was fully setup within minutes. The one issue I had was the keypad that controlled the height of the desk was not properly attached to the desk, but the Happen customer service was super amazing and shipped me a brand new one that would properly attach to the desk free of cost. My work day is a lot better with this standing desk. It also is a stylish color that blends in well with the rest of my apartment

Pillar Desk
Richard Schenkel
Happen the easiest desk to setup

I found Happen while looking through my facebook account and watching the video of opening a box and not having to use ANY TOOLS what a great concept for this wonderful desk that I just received from Happen. Never in my life did I ever see a desk that you did not have to struggle to put together that takes several hours to build. Putting together this Pillar desk from Happen was a total of less than two minutes. It took me longer to get it up the stairs with the help of my wife and open the box. I talked to Daniel Goldberg several times on the phone and through email and he was such a pleasure to talk too and work with ordering this desk of the future. This desk goes up and down plus you can setup with I touch of a button the height you want the desk everytime it is pressed. HAPPEN is a great company with great employees especially Daniel. I am so Happy that I finally found a company brand that is affordable/well built and trustworthy. I will let all of my friends know about this new company HAPPEN. Thanks Daniel for such great service. Sincerely Richard Schenkel Charlotte NC

Limited Edition Pillar Desk
Bobby Weinberger
Great Desk!

I love how easy the desk was to put together and how thoughtfully designed it is. For example, the piece to keep the cords from getting tangled in the back is genius.

Big fan.

Pillar Desk
Eitan M.
Easy to setup - not the most stable.

Setup was amazing as advertised. Open the box. Unfold the legs. Flip it over. Like setting up a card table.

Unfortunately, the table isn't the most stable. It shakes/vibrates when I type - especially at standing heights. (I'm sure I have it set up correctly. The legs just have a bit of flex/play in them). The movement is not enough to bother me except when I'm on a conference call. You really notice the shaking in your video. I also have a desk from Fully; it is definitely more stable.

I needed a desk that I could set up quickly so, I'm happy with my purchase. But there is defiantly a tradeoff.

Pillar Desk
Jay M.

I've looked at a lot of option out there but the moment I saw this, I knew this was the desk for me. Converted one of my bedrooms to an office since its all about working from home nowadays and I wanted something that isnt "permament" just in case I needed the room to be a bedroom again. The option to fold the legs is exactly what I needed. Now, I dont have to dismantle a desk if I ever need to. Its easy to fold and store the desk.

Shout out to Dan and his team. Excellent customer service and communication. Keep up the good work!

Looking forward to your future products. :)

- J

Pillar Desk
Wendell Tull
Are You Kidding Me?

I kept reading reviews where the reviewer would say that it took longer to bring in the box than it took to set up. Well it actually took me much longer to open the box than it took to set up the desk. What an awesome experience this was to order this product and have it live up to the hype.

Don’t waste your time looking at any other stand up desk out there. I’m a 6’6” guy who couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

Thanks again!


Love this Desk!

I have been working from home since March 2020. My husband has always worked from home. Now with both of us home we needed a second desk. We looked at a lot of desk over the months. We decided to get a sit stand desk to help with our long days. After a really long search, we decided to order this desk. One of the things that made me look into this is that no tools are needed. We love this desk. Best money we have spent in a while. It is such a great desk we are going to order a second desk. I highly recommend this desk. May I also add the customer service is great, something that is missing in a lot of businesses these days. Thank you Dan!

Pillar Desk
Victoria B
Amazing desk!

In March, I found myself teaching from home. I started by sitting on my sofa. Bad idea. In April I moved to my dining table. Over the summer I continued to use my dining table to tutor on Zoom. My body started hurting more and more. Enter the 2020-2021 school year! Knowing that I would be teaching on Zoom from home, I had the so something to save my body from all the aches and pains. I finally decided to order the Pillar desk! I love it. I find myself alternating between sitting and standing several times throughout the day. It’s amazing! And, it was the easiest thing to set up. Given the size of the box and the weight, I did ask a neighbor to help me get it out of the box and into the house. That took about five minutes! I highly recommend the Pillar Desk. It also looks great in my new classroom (dining area)! Thank you!!

Pillar Desk
Bernard C
Amazing and innovative standing desk!

I purchased the Pillar desk and absolutely love it! Highly recommend you consider it if you are shopping for a standing desk. Once unboxed, it took me less than a minute to lock the legs in place, flip the table, plug it in and got it up and running. I just moved into a new apartment and don't have any tools--not even an Allen key/wrench. So I am really glad to be able to get set up and start working. As described in the shipping dimensions, it can be a little heavy to move the package around and/or up the stairs if you are doing it by yourself. Better to get a friend or partner to help to avoid potential injuries! We are already thinking of buying a 2nd one for my wife!