4 Essential Tips for Building an Inspiring, Healthy, Active, and Flexible Work From Home Space

Posted by Dan Goldberg on

With everyone in work from home (WFH) and many companies shifting to a fully remote environment, we wanted to share some tips to create a more inspiring, healthy, active, and flexible workspace. Below are a few tips, we highly recommend that will improve your work from home set up.


  1. Set your desk up around natural light. To create a great environment, we highly suggest setting up your workspace around a window that has good natural lighting. This will be important to minimize eye strain, and maximize natural energy. Setting up your desk where you get the most light will help you have more consistent energy through out the day.
  2. Get a comfortable chair. With work from home seeming like a more permanent solution, we suggest investing in a high quality chair that you will enjoy sitting in. The chair should allow your body to have good natural posture and a comfortable cushion.
  3. Get a standing desk. For the most healthy and active workspace, we suggest a sit-to-stand desk. A sit-to-stand desk will allow you to sit or stand as you’d like giving you the best of both worlds. We developed the Pillar Desk to ship flat in one box, and require zero assembly forever. It requires zero tools and can fold in seconds tool and headache free. This means unlimited flexibility if you move homes, locations, offices, or just want to set up in a new room. 
  4. Accessorize your space. If you are looking to create a more uplifting space, we suggest accessorizing your desktop and walls. Some like to hang calendars, to-do lists, family photos, inspirational quotes, and more. One common trend are desk plants to create a more warm environment.

With WFH being the new normal, we highly recommend investing into your workspace to create the most flexible and inspiring workspace. 

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